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Career Coaching: Advance Your Career

A career coach is a specialist in career planning who offers approved expert in resume building, negotiation and interviewing to help raise your potential but only if you aspire to put in the work

Nearly everyone get through a period of questioning their work, maybe after a major life change, when their job stops being challenging, or when there’s simply something else they’d rather be doing. But after two years of the pandemic, it feels like there have never been so many people reconsidering their careers.

While employes can turn to friends and family to work through these crises, in recent times, a huge career coaching industry has derived, promising to help people find new direction in their working lives, and gain the abilities to set and achieve their goals.

What to Anticipate From a Career Coach

A career coach can help you determine your purposes, whether those are to land a higher-paying job, alter careers, earn a promotion, or ace a job interview.

According to the International Coach Federation, working with a career coach is a creative process that can inspire you to enhance your particular and professional potential. The coach’s liability is to:

  • Explore, clarify, and line up with what you want to succeed
  • Hearten self-discovery
  • Bring out solutions and strategies
  • In charge you responsible and accountable

This process helps clients dramatically enhance their outlook on work and life, while perfecting their leadership abilities and unlocking their particular and professional potential.

People in mid-career can benefit greatly from career coaching as well, whether to help them advance in their own companies or take the step to move elsewhere. It can be just as important, even more so, for mid-level folks to hire a career coach. It’s a relatively modest investment that can pay great dividends.




Surgical coaching offers an innovative approach to nonstop professional development and performance enhancement that can be evaluated throughout one’s career. In surgery, coaching is a cooperation between a trained surgeon trainer and a surgeon with self identified aims that are pursued through cooperative analysis and formative feedback.

There are two primary types of surgical coaching expert coaching and peer coaching. Expert coaching is when the surgeon trainer imparts a new skill or knowledge to the surgeon being counseled. Peer coaching is when the two surgeons have a analogous position of experience and information, and engage in a cooperative literacy process.

The effectiveness of expert surgical coaching has been demonstrated for medical scholars, residents and rehearsing surgeons. Medical scholars performed virtual reality and porcine laparoscopic cholecystectomies with the intervention group entering video-based surgical coaching by an expert laparoscopic surgeon. The coached medical scholars outperformed the control medical students in all three global rating scores used, although the coached scholars took longer to operate. The study demonstrated that coaching is effective for novice surgeons in a simulation environment but requires increased time.

Peer coaching works well for surgeons in independent practice. An evidence-based peer coaching program was lately enforced in the state of Wisconsin. Participant surgeons were signed via an e-mail from the state surgical society, received an information primer, and passed one-hour online orientation. Coaching sessions were also held and were directed by the participant’s aims. While there were challenges with audio-video data capture and the time needed, both the trainer and participant surgeons plant the coaching program to be largely precious.

The use of cooperative analysis and self-reflection in surgical coaching represents a paradigm shift in surgical education, providing an evidence-based approach to continued professional development that can lead to practice change.


A free and professionally facilitated peer support group for coaches to help each other across the areas of business, practice and self.

About The Event The Cabinet is a devoted monthly peer support group for the wider Talking about Coaching community (this includes members and callers of the Coaching Lab, listeners of the Talking about Coaching Podcast and Talking about Coaching & Guiding Podcast, members of the Facebook group, and any life, business, transformational or other kind of coach who enjoys talking about coaching and keen to connect with associates).

The purpose is to come together as peers and help each other out across three different domains: Business – support with establishing, maintaining or growing your coaching business, subscribing clients, selling, marketing, etc Practice – how to practice coaching, participating different coaching skills and ways, peer supervision or sharing stories from our coaching practice Self – support with particular challenges or growing aims that you may have as a coach, growing as a person to grow as a imposer.

While you’ll get the most from the Coaching Cabinet the more regularly you’ll participate, these are drop-in sessions, and so you can join different groups at different times or just stick your head in when you’re looking for some help with a current problem you’re facing.

These sessions are free and every 3rd Tuesday of the month getting together in three breakout rooms via Zoom.


Find me a Coach: Things to consider when looking for a coach.

Find me a coach! If you want to find a coach and get professional support, you are at the right place. You can find the most suitable coach for you by taking advantage of the coaching services offered for you. So, what should you consider when finding the most suitable coach for yourself?

Now, let’s examine all the details together.

Check out our coach search page to find a coach now

Coaching is a professional support for people who have been experiencing various problems in their lives recently and who need guidance regarding these problems. At this point, people can choose coaching to get support on issues such as education, career, and relationship.

Coaching is actually a fairly new concept for individuals. People were trying to solve various problems they experienced in their lives by applying to professional groups such as therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.

However, thanks to the coaching sessions, individuals can solve their problems without any treatment and without any intervention in their own lives.

There are various points that should be considered during the selection, especially for those who will receive support from a professional coach for the first time. So what are these points?

What to consider when choosing a coach?

We mentioned that there are various points to consider when choosing coaching. It is possible to list these points as follows.

  • The most important point to consider when choosing coaching is that the coach offers a professional service. With non-professional coaching services, it becomes impossible to benefit from the benefits of coaching to individuals.
  • Another point to consider when choosing coaching is the background of the coaches. You should examine in detail the training received by the coach, the services he offers, and make the coaching choice accordingly.
  • When choosing coaching, you should examine the comments about the coach in detail. Especially with your research on the internet, you can easily access the comments made about the coach and whether it is recommended or not.
  • Another point to be considered during the selection of coaching is whether the coach is a truly trained coach. Today, there are various people who deceive people even though they do not receive coaching training. You should be very careful about this situation.
  • If you are not satisfied with your preferred coach in the first session after doing various researches, seek a new coach without wasting time. If the first session makes you feel good and this is it, you are at the right address.
  • When using coaching services, research in detail what kind of service you will receive and be knowledgeable. Answer questions such as what is coaching, what it does, what it provides. If you keep your expectations high without your knowledge, you may be disappointed.

If you want to get support in finding coaching, you can contact us by taking action immediately. 

Find a Life Coach!

Life coach; Although it is one of the most popular professions lately, most individuals cannot give clear answers to the question of what a life coach does. It helps individuals to overcome the problems they encounter in their lives with a definition that can be made based on the name of coaches, which is known by everyone but whose definition is uncertain. The main areas of interest of coaches are mental problems.

Who is a Life Coach?

Coaches who do not deal with physical issues can deal with concerns arising from physical causes. In this sense, it can be said that your coach is your emotional supporter. It is possible to express the main area of interest of the coach as achieving goals and gaining self-esteem. While fulfilling the said purpose, the coach; analyzes the client well. The methods to be applied are determined according to the results of the analysis.

Although life coaches can help people, most people think they don’t need help. 

So, what situations do individuals need to experience in order to receive coaching?

When to Get Life Coaching? 

If you do not know when to get support for the problems you encounter, you can check whether you are experiencing one or more of the following situations. In this way, you can reveal your coaching needs.

If you;

  • want to live your life more happily and to the fullest,
  • have decided on a career plan and change,
  • are in the exam process,
  • have a post-retirement depression,
  • feel empty after divorce,
  • cannot cope with stress,
  • have concerns about career choice,
  • are experiencing uncertainty about your life plan,
  • think that you are too far from your dreams and goals,

and if;

  • there are problems in your relationships, you can get coaching immediately.
  • there are situations in your life that you cannot cope with,

Are There Conditions for Taking Life Coaching?

There are no requirements for individuals who want to take life coaching. Individuals over the age of 12 and encountering the above-mentioned problems can immediately find a life coach and receive coaching about their problems. People who can talk to their life coach about the number and duration of sessions can clearly observe the change in their lives if the process is successful.

Find a Life Coach Near Me

Life coaching supports mentally challenged people in everything from marriage to career. For this reason, if you think that you are having problems in marriage, career and many other issues, you can stop your problems by getting professional support. Moreover, you should not forget that this process will have lasting effects on the rest of your life.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Life Coach.

Although finishing a school is not among the criteria for becoming a life coach, you must be a university graduate in order to create a strong profile both in front of your clients and against your competitors. After having a diploma, a master’s degree, etc. Your participation in the programs will change the way you look at coaches. However, having a diploma alone is not enough. For this reason, he must have taken firm steps towards becoming a life coach by taking coaching lessons from accredited and reputable organizations. At this point, you should choose expert and professional coaches.

How to Find a Life Coach for Free and Online.

Another important issue is how to find the best right life coach? The answer is easy. There are hundreds of life coaches indexed at Coachsea. You can find detailed information about finding the life coach you want by going to the coaching search page right now.



In recent years, professional coaching has become one of the most popular careers. Numerous sorts of coaching, including life coaching, relationship coaching, and career coaching, are getting increasingly fascinating as time passes. However, many individuals have begun to profit from coaches to overcome life’s challenges. This predicament of supply and demand is increasing the significance of this business discipline daily.

Especially millennials are the generation most likely to be apprehensive of guiding and most likely to have shared in a coaching relationship, according to the findings of a new study commissioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The recent Global Consumer Awareness Study (GCAS) shows 81% of repliers in the millennial age group expressing mindfullness of coaching compared to 51% in the Greatest Generation.

In addition to this, health coaching, a topic that we heard a lot about during the Covid-19 outbreak, has been studied in the literature. According to a report published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, health coaching can effect changes in several biometric risk variables such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and body weight. Health coaching has also been shown to improve health-related quality of life and reduce hospital admissions in studies.

However, the growing popularity of coaching and the extension of coaching disciplines into vital sectors poses a serious threat. It also raises the amount of unauthorized and harmful operations, which are particularly prevalent in this industry. Another important issue is find a good coach that fits the needs.

According to the statement of a coaching directory company official named Coachsea, where accredited and authorized life coaches are listed and verified in the world, even if unauthorized and inadequate coaches graduate from good educational institutions; states that they can make many people suffer as a result of wrong career and life directions. In this context, he said that it is necessary to think carefully when getting service from coaches that are not accredited and verified by independent institutions, and good research should be done about the coach that will be served.

The official, who stated that as Coachsea, they operate in the field of verification of coaches, added that they have been following the recent negative events carefully and that the number of similar verification organizations should increase especially regionally so that service users experience less victimization.


Coaching Directory, Why?

Welcome to our article where we discuss the topics related to the coaching directory and its features. What is the coaching directory for you today and what is it used for? What are the advantages of signing up for a coach’s coaching directory? I want to talk about things like.

If you want to find a coach right now, click here.

Coaching directory; It is a new generation yellow pages application where coaches who carry out coaching activities in various fields publish their profiles on a digital platform and in this profile, information about education, experience and coaching processes, especially personal contact information.

The primary goal of a coach’s enrollment in a coaching directory is their desire to reach their clients in the easiest way possible. Clients apply to coaches to get help on the issues they need.

The roadmap for a client to seek a coach for this need today can take various forms. The first of these is reference. If there is a person around who has taken coaching before and has benefited, the client prefers to receive service from that coach within himself. This method is an option that has been around for hundreds of years. However, with the introduction of the internet into our lives today, people actively use various tools, especially social media and search engines, to search for coaches.

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Coaches

Social media has become one of the important tools in which many coaches operate and actively promote themselves. Today, unfortunately, it is unthinkable for a coach not to use social media actively. In this context, coaches actively carry out promotional activities with the people with whom they regularly share and interact. However, social media sustainability is one of the most difficult tools. It takes constant effort. You have to constantly share. That’s why you have to spend a lot of effort and money on these platforms.

Search engines are another tool used by clients to find coaches. Coaches generally prefer to introduce themselves by preparing personal web pages. The existence of a personal website is also an indication of how seriously a coach takes his job. Search engines are an important tool in reaching these personal websites. The fact that the coach’s website is at the top of the search results in the searches made for the relevant keywords will directly affect the coach’s earnings.

The coaching directory is an important tool that feeds both the social media profiles and the website of the coach, which acts as a support for these two tools. Coaching guides rank at the top of many search engine searches because they are sites focused on related fields. On topics related to coaching, search engines consider coaching directory more authoritative and rank higher in results. In this case, it makes it easier to reach the coaches.

Location Based Coach Search

Another important issue is that Coaching directory are very effective in location-based searches. Coaching directory base their entire system on geographic divisions such as country, state, and city. Therefore, for example; For someone looking for a coach in the United Kingdom and London, the priority results will come as the relevant provincial page of the coaching directory and this page will be indexed higher. This makes it easier to reach the coaches registered in this directory.

Finally, coaches should take an active part in coaching guides. Just creating a profile may not be enough nowadays. Having more content on the same site will increase the chance of being preferred. In addition, the backlinks from these content will contribute significantly to their own websites to rank higher due to the backlink from a relevant place.

As Coachsea, we have a special unit for the above-mentioned issues. We support our coaches’ marketing activities with a system we call “360 degree support”. As a result, the success of all our coaches who are members of us is also the success of our project. If our coaches don’t succeed, they don’t sign up for our coaching directory and we fail. This is an important partnership in its simplest form. For this reason, we invite you not to register with our guide, but to be a travel companion with us.

For detailed information or to register for the coaching guide, please click here.

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