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Author: Frank Davis (PhD) – Ceo of Coachsea

Welcome to the new Coaching World: Coachsea.


Hello, I’m Frank Davis, CEO of Coachsea.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your interest in Coachsea. Coachsea is the world’s first and only coaching search engine and leading coaching directory. However, becoming a Coachsea member is way more than just registering to a directory or search engine. Coachsea offers you incredible marketing support. In this article, I’ll explain what you can accomplish as a Coachsea member.

Coachsea History? Get to Know Us.

Let’s begin with the most exciting question. How did Coachsea come about? Before I answer this question, I’d want to clarify why we chose to start the Coachsea start-up in the first place.

As a team with over 15 years of experience in the field of coaching and coaching training, we’ve noticed that coaches who are committed to the coaching profession have been facing difficulties in introducing themselves (while executing marketing efforts) and dealing with time traps alongside their coaching activities. It was obvious that one of the biggest common needs for coaches was being recognized and contacted by clients and still is.

Another difficulty was that even if the clients noticed the coach, there was no platform for them to verify whether the coach was reliable and competent. Even though several coaching associations took charge at this period, they were uninvolved, did not care much about the coaches and also received high membership fees. As Coachsea, we decided to accomplish this coaching project in order to serve coaches at the point where coaching organizations are insufficient and at more affordable prices.

So, what exactly is Coachsea?

When asked this question, as the director of this organization, I would like to respond to everyone with the following response: Coachsea is a marketing machine for coaches. As a result, we all want to be able to earn a living from our activities and live more comfortably. In this setting, coaching is a really pleasurable profession. You are able to serve people while still earning a life.

Coachsea is with you with features that will enable you to both introduce yourself and generate income. Yes, you read that right! It is also possible to generate income with Coachsea. Many coaches have already begun to earn money. If you are wondering how you can achieve this, I would like to tell you about the current features of Coachsea and the developments we have planned. Let’s get started if you’re ready!

Coachsea’s Outstanding Features

Coachsea offers numerous features that will make coaches’ operations more efficient and contribute to their income increase, and in addition to this, they will get extra income through Coachsea. In this context, we divide Coachsea’s capabilities under two main headings; marketing support features and income-generating elements. First and foremost, I’d want to highlight how Coachsea may assist you in increasing your personal recognition.

Taking Part in Coachsea Directory

Coachsea’s infrastructure includes a search engine that connects coaches from all around the world. By searching the public internet with a Google-like algorithm, Coachsea automatically adds the coaches who are currently coaching in the field. In this context, the coaches who Coachsea finds are shown to visitors without including their personal information. However, since these basic profiles do not contain any personal information or contact information, it is not possible for clients to reach these coaches.

Coachsea offers the ability to customize your profile and add your contact and promotional information into the system in this context. In this way, you have a reliable and professional-looking profile. I guess this is crystal clear yet I’ll emphasize again how critical this is for people who are seeking coaching services.

Insite Seo

In addition, our members’ profiles are prioritized in the coaching subjects and geographical locations that clients seek for. For instance, if a client is seeking for a business coach in London, Coachsea would display them members who live in the city. Naturally, this is a topic of Coachsea’s internal SEO (search engine optimization) research.
Google etc. SEO

I can’t leave this section without mentioning Coachsea’s key SEO (search engine optimization) activities for Google,Yandex and so on. Following your subscription, Coachsea also performs a Google SEO study specific to your region. This work is linked to your profile. As a result, it is possible for people seeking for Coach to find your profile using any Google search.

One of our top priorities is to make sure that anyone looking for coaching may contact you in some way. In this context, we deal with the issue proactively. We are indeed an action-oriented group. To be honest, we understand; you can join us for one year, but we want more than just one year. We want to be a part of something bigger.

Of course, what I’m referring to is the SEO work that we’ve done on our website. In addition, I’ll go through the backlinking and other work we’ve done to support your personal or business website, as well as additional features.

Your Profile Page

Let’s continue the conversation over the guide. So what are the features in this coaching guide? Let’s talk about them a little bit. Basically, a coach’s profile includes the following basic areas; Name & Surname, Profile Picture, Country, City, Coaching Theme, Services, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Detailed Address, Certificates, Accreditation, Verified Profile, Social Media Accounts, Website Backlink.

Name & Surname

The coach’s name and surname, as well as any titles, are listed in the Name and Surname section. This part is critical at this point, especially in terms of search engine visibility. We recommend that if you have an academic title (PhD, etc.) or a coaching title, you provide it alongside your name.

Profile Picture & Gallery

The profile photo is another feature. Although profile pictures are automatically found by the search engine, our members have the right to change these pictures for their profiles. While there is a primary photo location in the profile, there is also a gallery area at the bottom. This section can hold up to three photos. You can add up to 3 images to this section. In this section, we especially recommend that you include a picture taken from your office, a coaching session or training, if any. Since you will be in contact with our operator manually at this stage, our colleague will also advise you on this issue.

Country, State & City

This information is very important for marketing segmentation of target markets. Clients prefer to access services at a location close to them, even if they can access them online. As a result, this information serves as one of the profile’s cornerstones.

Coaching Theme

Although coaching represents a discipline in itself, there are many coaching approaches and themes. The coaching themes section is a section where you can show in which field you provide coaching services. For example; If you are a business coach, this section of your profile will indicate Business Coach.

More than one coaching theme can be added to your profile. The most crucial point to remember is that picking themes that are closely connected to one another will have a more beneficial impact on the clients. Keep in mind that writing both a business coach and a pilates coach can confuse your potential clients.


Even though each of us is coaching in various fields, we also offer many services to our clients apart from coaching. We may, for example, provide coaching training or organize seminars. You can communicate with your clients by typing various services you provide in the Services section.

Phone Number

If you have a phone number for consumers to call, enter it here so that they may reach you fast. If you choose, we may also add a Whatsapp link to your profile for you. If you need assistance, you will quickly get the support from our operators in this regard. It almost goes without saying that any channel via which clients may contact you directly is crucial.

E-Mail Address

Although not as much as before, e-mail is still one of the most used communication tools. We don’t want you and your clients to meet through a form or anything like that. In this way, your clients can reach you directly. We would like to point out in particular that; we do not want to stay between your clients and while you communicate. Let your clients talk to you directly. This is enough gain for us. Bringing you more clients directly is our foundational and primary mission.

Detailed Address

If you have a physical office and a meeting place where your clients can visit, you can enter the address information of this place in your profile. Thus, your clients will not have any problems with the address. It would be simpler for your clients to find the coaching center of yours if you enter your address in a readily accessible manner.


Bu alana sizin uzmanlığınız ile ilgili daha önce sahip olduğunuz kişisel sertifikalar, diplomalar ve belgeleri girebilirsiniz. Bu belgeler sizin vereceğiniz hizmet için somut kanıtlardır. Bu bölümü doldurmaktan çekinmeyin. Güvenilirliğinizi ve tercih edilmenizi artıracaktır.


In this field, you can enter your personal certificates, diplomas and documents related to your specialization. These documents are tangible evidence for the service you will provide. Feel free to fill out this section. It will increase your reliability and preference.

Verified Profile

When you become a member of Coachsea, you create your own profile. If you wish, you can verify your profile by sending us the official documents (identity, passport samples) containing your information. Verifying your profile will increase your clients’ trust in you. (Click here for detailed information about having a verified profile.)

Social Media Accounts

You may link your social media accounts to your Coachsea profile. Clients may wish to follow you on social media platforms if they want more in-depth information about you.

Web Site Backlink

Adding your website to your profile not only allows your clients to go to your site easily, but also creates a valuable backlink for your website. Backlinks enable websites to be seen as valuable in terms of SEO. In addition, a backlink that will come to you from a Coaching focused website will increase your website rankings in terms of SEO. In addition, you can give backlinks to your site with the blog posts you will write on Coachsea. You can find more detailed information on this subject in the following sections of our article. (Click here for detailed information about backlink studies.)

Create and Issue Certificates to Your Students with Coachsea

Coachsea offers a great opportunity for coaches and organizations who provides coaching courses or trainings. You can create certificates for your students through Coachsea. Thus, your students’ certificates will be registered on Coachsea, an independent organization. Certificates are uniquely accredited by Coachsea. In this way, you offer value to your students. You will be promoted every time your certificate pages are shared on social media. Furthermore, because the certifications are certified by a third-party body, the credibility of your trainings is enhanced.

To use this feature, your profile must be verified. Then you can start to enter the certificate into the system. (For detailed information about issuing a certificate, please click here.)

You can also generate income by encouraging your students to become a member of Coachsea. With our affiliate system, you can earn a regular passive income for every coach who becomes a member. I will be explaining the affiliate program to you in detail below.

Promote Your Courses & Trainings on Coachsea

Coachsea members can promote their training on the site, if they provide training. Our members’ courses & trainings are available in the Find a Course section of our website. You can enter your own training through the system. Advertisements of these trainings are thus placed on Coachsea. It will be easier for anyone looking for training in this field to access your training, and the number of your clients will increase. In addition, our members’ courses & training programs can be shared on Coachsea social media accounts so that your course or training can reach more audiences. As I said before, your success is our success. After all, it is possible for you to become a member of us for one year, but the important thing for us is that you renew your membership every year and we must work hard for this. (Click here for more information on marketing your training through Coachsea.)

Announce Your Events on Coachsea

Coachsea members can use Coachsea to advertise and announce any formal or online events they host. You may add events to your profile by clicking the add event button, and you can advertise your events to your colleagues and prospective clients after you’ve completed your profile. (For more information on how to add an event, click here.)

Become a Blogger on Coachsea

Every Coachsea member has the option to create a blog post. Blog articles are an excellent way to market yourself. Your visitors will continue to follow you as you begin to contribute blog entries, and you will be recognized as a successful coach via the power of expertise.

Get Accredited by Coachsea

As a worldwide coaching platform, Coachsea offers you, valuable coaches, a crucial accreditation service. You can get your studies and trainings accredited to Coachsea if you like. (For more information on the accreditation process, go here.)

Accreditation will boost you in your coaching activities and make you more trustworthy to your clients. During the Coachsea accreditation process, you will be allocated an accreditation consultant, and all processes will be completed together so you are not going to feel stressed or tired. It is important to remember that accreditation is a serious matter. We’d like you to know that we take these procedures very seriously.

Partner Program (Affiliates)

Coachsea offers a passive income opportunity for our valued partners. It is possible to earn 20% income for each participant you refer to Coachsea.

All you have to do is join Coachsea’s Affiliate Program. Participation in the partner program is completely free. Also, you do not need to be a Coach or a VIP member to join the Affiliate Program.

Special links are created for you within the partner program. Post these links on your various social networks etc. You can enable people to become a member of Coachsea by sharing it on platforms. 20% of the fee paid by each registered user is credited to your account.

You can withdraw your money when you have a balance of $40 or more in your account. Winnings are currently only paid out via Paypal.

The system is very simple to use. You can share it by adding the code specially prepared for you at the end of any link. You can easily access your statistics from your Affiliate panel.

To Be or Not To Be A Coachsea Member

I would like to thank you, our esteemed coaches, who have read until this part of our article. These are not all the features of Coachsea, many more are continuing to be added. As you can see, from the moment you step into the world of Coachsea, we become your close colleague. As I have told you before, the important thing for us is not that you become a member of Coachsea once, but that you renew your membership every year. Therefore, we are confident in this matter and we want to go on a long journey with you.

Our most important slogan is “Your success is our success”. We will be happy to see you among us. Now you can become a Coachsea member and start your activities right here. If you have any questions, you can contact the Coachsea member advisor directly from the contact page.

Have a great day,

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